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Transition Counsel

Losing a member of your development staff doesn't have to be a disaster. We'll keep your fundraising program on track and prepare your organization to make a hire that lasts. 

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What's included:


Internal Assessment

Does your organization have the culture and tools needed for fundraising success?

Interim Staffing

We'll work to improve your organization's systems and processes within the development office.

Executive Director & Board Training

Do your board members know their fundraising roles, responsibilities, and expectations?


Hiring Assistance

We’ll help you find the right person to inspire and lead your fundraising efforts.



Our transition counseling is about more than filling a role. It’s about bridging the gap in fundraising and setting your organization up for future success.

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As with all of our work, Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt can customize these offerings to provide your organization with seamless service.


Just looking for executive search? 

If you're looking to fill a development role, we're ready to help you find the right candidate.

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